Wiggle Waggle What??

Is anyone else going into race-withdrawal?? At first it didn’t bother me. Nicole and I missed Mountains to Beach Marathon in May but hadn’t really signed up

for much after that. Now it’s September and the subtle changes in the light and weather is reminiscent of cross country and fall marathon training. I am looking forward to a signing up for a race…..any race…..and feeling that nervous energy only the start line can bring. I wonder how many of us feel the same…and how many of us are going to absolutely kill it when we finally get to compete again!!

In the meantime, TRC will be running the City to Sea Half Marathon course on Saturday! Keep in mind that we’ll be running independently so roads will be open

and the run self supported. Please RSVP on Strava or Meetup!! (I may have a few volunteers that will be able to help out and would like to have an accurate head count.) Also, please be aware that a mask or neck gaiter will be required at the start as we will need to maintain social distancing. (I’ll be bringing TRC running buffs for participants but feel free to bring what is comfortable for you!) Individual transportation will need to be arranged in advance as this is a point to point run and will end in Pismo Beach. Hopefully a friend or family member can come cheer you on!! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!!

Since we're not really competing in individual road races right now, lets try to come in first as a team!!! Check out the Wiggle Waggle Walk benefiting Woods Humane Society and join the Templeton Run Club team!! You’ll receive a dog or cat mask with your $25 registration and an official Wiggle Waggle Walk T-shirt when you fund-raise $50. So far TRC has raised $206 with a goal of reaching $500!! It’s a virtual race, so you can record a 5k walk, run, kayak, bike or stroll on Strava, take a screen shot of your map/time and email it to This local organization gives so much to San Luis Obispo County’s dog and cat population its fun to find an event that gives back!

The September run calendar is up to date! (Apologies for the mass notifications and emails from Strava and Meetup!) You’ll notice that our long runs are getting longer as we prep for our 20 miler from Templeton to Cayucos tentatively scheduled for November 7th! (We decided to push the date back a few weeks to allow for adequate training.) We’ll work out the details for some shorter distance options as the date gets closer! Keep in mind that although there are a crazy few of us that like these long distances, not all of us do! Each run posted has options for shorter mileage that you can choose based on your own fitness and personal goals. Check out the website, Strava or Meetup for route maps and mileage options.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Happy Running!!

Rosalie Smith

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