TRC Update

Happy 2020!!

Thank you to everyone that has come out to run with us! It has been so much fun to meet new people and share in the joy (and yes, sometimes misery) of running! Now that the holidays are over, we’re working to solidify our run club schedules…and by solidify I mean juggle run club days with Nicole and my crazy schedules. But in saying that, our Up with the Sun Runs on TUESDAY mornings at 6am, THURSDAY afternoons at 4pm and SATURDAY mornings at 8am have been fairly consistent. We’ll keep this schedule through the spring and see how it goes. As the weather starts to warm up, we may have to move the afternoon runs back a little bit until it cools off. Keep an eye on our calendar for days, times, and route maps!

As for our routes, we are always up for suggestions! If you have a favorite run through Templeton let us know! Our thoughts have been to keep the weekday runs short and sweet…an hour to an hour and a half…so we all have time to get ready for work and carry on about our days (more on the weekday runs in a bit.) On our Saturday runs we can get fancy!

Trail run down in SLO? Santa Margarita? San Antonio Lake? Brand new Pismo Preserve? As always, mileage is dependent on you and your fitness level. We try to make sure there are plenty of options to shorten or lengthen these runs.

Going back to our weekday runs, we have some exciting news!! The Templeton School District has approved our club to use the high school track for workouts! I’m still working on finding a day and time that works but keep an eye out for updates! This is a great opportunity to work on pace and feeling more comfortable running faster! (aka increasing your lactate threshold for all you running nerds out there!)

In other exciting news…did you know that Templeton Run Club is part of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)?? It was founded in 1958 and is one of the oldest distance running organizations in the United States. Nicole and I had the opportunity to attend a coaching clinic and meet our State Reps this last weekend. We gained some valuable insight on things we can do to make our club better! The RRCA has some amazing resources that we can use to keep our runners safe (ie club insurance, Safe Sports and awareness training) as well as tips on etiquette and information on upcoming events. We’ll have a new wavier for 2020 that includes a spot for addresses so members can receive their complimentary subscription to Club Running Magazine.

Please reach out to myself or Nicole if you have any questions! If you're on the fence about making a run, shoot me an email and we can chat! If you're not already a follower, find us on Facebook and Instagram (@templeton_run_club.) We also have a group on Meet-up where you can RSVP for runs and more info on routes!


Happy Running!!


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