To Run or Not to Run

Hello TRC friends! In light of the Coronavirus, we have decided to postpone our group runs for a few weeks. (We’ll reevaluate in April.) This doesn’t mean we’re not running

though!! I’ll be updating the calendar to include runs and workouts each week that members can do independently.

Tag us on Instagram @templeton_run_club to share photos from your runs! WE WANT TO SEE THEM!! I also have Templeton Run Club set up on Strava! You can download the free app to your phone and connect with other members. (Go to Explore and search for us under clubs near you. I’m hoping to be able to set up a virtual event in the near future!)

Runner’s World Magazine just posted a great article On How to Run Safely Amid Coronavirus Concerns. They noted how important it is for both your physical and mental health to continue to stay active while continuing to be diligent about social distancing and limiting the spread of this virus.

Also, I want to share some running tips and information from Ryan Joiner at Athlon Fitness! (see below) He was kind enough to come out and go over some mobility drills before our track workout last Thursday. Call or email him at Athlon Fitness & Performance for more information! He’ll give run club members a free trial session to see how their training could help your running! Check them out!! (And try out those drills! They are super effective!)

Happy Running!


Running Tips from Ryan Joiner at Athlon Fitness

1. Maintain a long spine! This doesn’t mean arch your low back or lift your chin or hold your shoulder blades back. Think press your heels into the ground and try to lift the ceiling up with the crown of your head…

2. Relax! Get rid of the pain face, let your shoulders hang down and relax, loosen your

grip and be totally relaxed (while maintaining your long spine)

3. Efficient Arm Drive! Arms stay close to your body, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and they swing in ideally straight lines under your shoulders. (remember, every movement has a purpose, keep them efficient so somewhere else in your body doesn’t have to compensate…)

4. Foot strike beneath your hips, not out in front of you (toe, heel or mid-foot). Pretend you’re barefoot running on a gravel road…

5. Extend at the hip to lengthen your stride (and hence pick-up speed), rather than lengthening your stride out in front of your hips.

6. Cadence – Increase your ground contacts to anywhere from 165 to 180 foot strikes per minute. This will increase your efficiency.

Attached are pictures of the joint mobility drills we worked on. Follow them in order and do daily if you can. If not, do them prior to your runs as well as immediately after as a cool down. Remember, mobile joints make for strong muscles…

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As always, don’t hesitate to email or call if you have any questions. Thanks!

Until next time,


Paso: (805) 269-6272

SLO: (805) 546-6070

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