Spring has Almost Sprung!

Time to break out the short sleeves and enjoy the green grass for the short amount of time we have it! I’m hopeful we still get a few rainy days in but definitely looking forward to the warmer weather!

Thursdays will now be dedicated track work days. Templeton High School has given us permission to utilize the track on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm. Please bring an up to date TRC wavier with you to the next run if you haven’t already! If you’re new to running and want to enjoy a good workout without having to worry about getting lost or stuck on a run that’s too long, join us these afternoons!

Ryan Joiner from Athlon Fitness and Performance in Paso Robles will be joining us at our track workout THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH at 4PM. Please feel free to attend even if you haven’t been running! He’ll be covering running specific warm-ups and mobility drills. This will be especially beneficial if you’re just starting out and need some pointers or are an advanced runner and want to brush up on technique. (In order to save time, we’ll be meeting at the THS track at 4pm that afternoon, instead of the park.) Bring a refillable water bottle!

Also, TRC will be participating in the Trail Run and Spartan Race on March 15th at the Santa Margarita Ranch. There are still plenty of afternoon start times and openings for the 10k and half marathon trail run. Come find us and I’ll give you a run club sticker!!

The March Calendar is up! Please note that there are a few of our “normal” run days that we won’t be running. Keep an eye on the calendar for information on routes! All of the runs posted can be modified for shorter or longer distances based on your own fitness level. You do not have to be “in shape” or already running marathons to join this club! Walking is not only totally acceptable but a smart thing to do when you’re working up to running for longer amounts of time! RSVP on Meet-up and I'll know you're coming!

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have questions!

Happy Running!


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