Going Alfresco!

Hello Runner friends! I hope everyone is staying healthy (and sane!) through all this COVID weirdness! I will admit that although it’s been frustrating with the uncertainty and lack of reliable information, I have enjoyed the “back to the basics” approach that many of us have had to take. I don’t mind that we have to eat outdoors, in fact I prefer it! And I love that we have the chance to discover the hidden adventures in our own and neighboring communities (outdoor gym/yoga classes, hiking trails, mountains, lakes, beaches) that we might otherwise miss.

There are in fact, many health benefits to spending time outside, including increased happiness, improved concentration, decreased stress, and faster healing. Check out this article from Harvard Medical School. This is just one of the hundreds of articles written on the benefits of spending time outdoors!

As many of you already know, City to the Sea was canceled, but we plan on running the course independently on Saturday, September 12th. Please keep in mind that we will need to follow COVID precautions and maintain social distancing. Please RSVP to this event (on Strava or Meetup) as we cannot have a large group congregating in one spot! (We may need to stagger start times depending on how many of us would like to participate.) Also, a mask or neck gaiter will be required at the start of this run as it begins in downtown SLO. As with most of our runs, this event is self supported and will be run on open city streets and roads. Individual transportation will need to be arranged in advance as this is a point to point run that will end in Pismo Beach.

For those that are interested, and have already been running consistently, I have put together a half marathon training plan that correlates to our scheduled TRC runs. Keep in mind that this lists our scheduled runs with mileage suggestions. It doesn’t include the strength, cross training or rest days that supplement your training (and keeps you injury free!) Feel free to reach out to Nicole ( or myself ( if you want help with an individualized plan! I’ve also included a second training plan that is building up to our 20 mile Santa Rita Run scheduled for Saturday, October 10th. Please let me know if you have any questions!

TRC Half Marathon
Download PDF • 207KB

Click here for a (non-blurry) PDF copy ------------------------------------------->

If you're a new runner, please don't hesitate to join our group! You can check the website, Strava or Meetup for route maps and mileage options that suit your fitness level. Starting a new group can certainly be intimidating at first so feel free to come meet us before committing to a run! And you can certainly reach out by email to ask questions! We hope to see you!

Happy running everyone!

Rosalie Smith

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